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Cranberry juice has been touted as a beneficial beverage for a myriad of health conditions, including urinary tract infections (utis) and kidney stones. However, conflicting information has surfaced regarding the association between cranberry juice consumption and kidney stone development. Some studies suggest that regular intake of cranberry juice can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, while others purport that excessive consumption may actually increase the risk. This has left many patients and healthcare providers confused about the potential risks and benefits of cranberry juice for kidney health. In light of this uncertainty, it is important to examine the available scientific evidence to determine whether cranberry juice is a friend or foe of the kidneys.

Cranberry Juice: Friend or Foe?

Does cranberry juice increase your risk of developing kidney stones? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves. We’ve heard that cranberry juice is a great way to prevent and even treat urinary tract infections, but could it also be working against us? According to recent research, the answer might surprise you. While cranberry juice is often recommended as a natural remedy for utis, some studies suggest that it could also increase the risk of developing kidney stones.

The truth about oxalates in Cranberry Juice

The big question on everyone’s mind: is cranberry juice for kidney stones really a good idea? You may have heard some rumors flying around about oxalates in cranberry juice, and how they can increase your risk of developing kidney stones. But before you toss out that bottle of cranberry juice in your fridge, let’s get to the bottom of this. Do oxalates in cranberry juice really spell disaster for your kidneys? The truth may surprise you.

Don’t give up on Cranberry Juice just yet…

You may have heard the rumor that cranberry juice is off-limits if you want to avoid kidney stones like the plague. But before you dump out that pint of deliciousness, hear us out. Contrary to popular belief, recent studies have actually suggested that cranberry juice can prevent kidney stone formation! Yes, you read that right – we’re telling you not to give up on cranberry juice just yet.


The idea that cranberry juice increases your risk of developing kidney stones is not entirely accurate. While it is true that cranberry juice contains substances that contribute to the formation of certain stones, it also contains compounds that prevent the adhesion of calcium oxalate, one of the most common types of stones. Therefore, consuming cranberry juice in moderation, along with plenty of water and a balanced diet, can be included in a healthy lifestyle for those who are not predisposed to kidney stones.